This is the corner where time stands still, I invite you to live in the present moment, focused on you and all the facets that make you unique. It’s time to explore the depths of your being and release that wild cat that lives inside you. 

You can trust me, my only desire is to fully satisfy you. Here, there are no judgments, there is just a space where you can be authentically yourself. 

It is essential to me that we forge a solid relationship of trust between the two of you, so that you can open up without reservation and reveal your most intimate desires and fantasies. My mission is to be your accomplice in every experience, your confidant in every conversation and your lover at every moment. I want you to feel comfortable, desired and safe in my company. If you are looking for a man who makes you feel alive and special, who gives you confidence and authenticity in every encounter, I am here for you. Together we will explore a universe full of sensations and emotions in the city of Barcelona with everything it has to offer, creating memories that will last in your heart forever. 

With me your dreams will come true!




After several negative experiences as a couple in the sexual field, I came to think that it was me who had a problem and was unable to fully enjoy sex. At the end, I decided to clear up my doubts and get in touch with a professional, because I didn't want to risk looking for someone "random" in an app. It was a bit difficult for me to take the step, since to date I had never to date considered the possibility of using such service.
After looking at several ads I decided on David Sanz, because I thought his profile was the most serious and professional, compared to the others... Of course, I was not wrong.
The meeting was great, he perfectly understood my situation and provided me what I needed. Thanks to him, the situation was very easy for me, since I am a rather shy, modest girl who had never lied down with someone rather than her partner before. David Sanz made me feel very comfortable and respected.
Far from regretting it, I realized that it was a great decision that helped me to dissipate my insecurity. In addition, it has helped me empower myself and reaffirm my self-esteem. I will definitely repeat it...

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