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Trust me, you can be yourself, I will not judge you, I will please you and with me your wishes will come true in the strictest confidentiality.

Be yourself!


After several negative experiences as a couple in the sexual field, I came to think that it was me who had a problem and was unable to fully enjoy sex. At the end, I decided to clear up my doubts and get in touch with a professional, because I didn't want to risk looking for someone "random" in an app. It was a bit difficult for me to take the step, since to date I had never to date considered the possibility of using such service.
After looking at several ads I decided on David Sanz, because I thought his profile was the most serious and professional, compared to the others... Of course, I was not wrong.
The meeting was great, he perfectly understood my situation and provided me what I needed. Thanks to him, the situation was very easy for me, since I am a rather shy, modest girl who had never lied down with someone rather than her partner before. David Sanz made me feel very comfortable and respected.
Far from regretting it, I realized that it was a great decision that helped me to dissipate my insecurity. In addition, it has helped me empower myself and reaffirm my self-esteem. I will definitely repeat it...
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