Live Unforgettable moments in Barcelona, enjoy the essence of seduction at the hands of a professional. 

Experience a world full of authentic connections and intense emotions for women and couples! 

I am David Sanz, I want to share with you moments of deep pleasure. With a magnetic personality and unmatched charisma, I will be your perfect partner to experience unforgettable situations together. 

Discover an unparalleled experience, in which my only objective is to make your wishes come true, where respect is paramount. I know all the magical corners of the city and I am prepared to take you to live dream moments in the most emblematic places. 

I offer you a wide variety of services adapted to your most intimate fantasies. From a romantic candlelight dinner, an exciting intimate encounter or a weekend getaway, each moment by my side will be unique. 

With me you will get a confidante, a friend and a lover. I really like listening to you, while I look into your eyes smiling with a mischievous face. I enjoy conversations that allow us to connect on a deeper level. The connection we will build will be genuine and full of emotion, making every encounter together even more special. 

Your privacy is my absolute priority. You can be sure that everything we share will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. My goal is for you to feel safe and comfortable in my company, allowing you to fully enjoy our date without worries.


sirviendo-una copa a una mujer


I know you, I read it inyour eyes, I observe how your body cries out, what your mouth is still unable to pronunce.

I understand you, I want to give you what you have not yet been offered or taken for you, I have it, I am  looking forward to sharing it with you.

I want you, I shudder when I feel your smell, the soft touch of your pristling skin, you disarm me when you bite your lower lip and you look down your gaze.

I look for you, in cold nights, in dead hours, in luxurious hotel rooms.

What would be my life, without an us, without a share, what is the present meaning if it is not at your side.



I consider myself a daring and open-minded woman, who likes to enjoying life's pleasures, and that includes sex, of course.
I am at a point where I also want to innovate, experience and make my fantasies come true, that is why I decided to contact David Sanz. I saw quite a few ads for gigolos and he was the one who best captured my attention the most, apparently the most professional and attractive.
When I contacted him, he offered to have a drink together to know each other us and that way I could assess if it was what I was looking for, and it seemed like a great option.
We met and the truth is that from the beginning, I felt very comfortable talking with him and my needs and concerns were fully understood my needs and concerns.
He is very attentive, understanding and seductive, and he is willing to please at all times.
I felt well cared for and very desired, leaving my self-esteem through the roof.
It was a very exciting, surprising and stimulating experience, when I got myself carried away by him.
If you want to spend a different, sensual and funny time.

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