Arouse passion in your relationship





Discover a new world of intense sensations and overflowing passion. Here your dreams come true, and every moment is an opportunity to share pleasure and ecstasy. 

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you’re a couple looking for new and exciting experiences. I am going to accompany you on this exciting journey, to make your most intimate and exciting fantasies come true. 

Imagine a scenario where every wish is possible. I am here to ensure that your expectations are met in the most absolute privacy. 

This is the place where boundaries are blurred and emotions flow without restrictions. As a pleasure professional, my goal is to provide you with a unique and personalized experience, where each encounter is a new exciting experience.

Here, there are no judgments or taboos, there is only a space where you can explore your sexuality together and give free rein to your imagination. 

Allow me to be the third element in your connection, uniting your desires and fantasies to create unforgettable moments. With my respectful and understanding sensitivity, I will be your confidant and guide in this exciting adventure. 

Discover new sensations, revitalize complicity and pleasure in your relationship. Together, we will write an exciting new chapter in your love story. Count on me to create an environment of trust and comfort, where everything is possible and your satisfaction is my priority. 

Together, we will take your connection to a new level and you will discover a world that will unite you more than ever! 

Let the game begin…


My partner and I have been living together for 20 years. I consider myself a very traditional and familiar person, but one day, talking with my husband, we decided to have a few days to ourselves. Everyone was free to do what they wanted, and my partner was the one who encouraged me to find someone to share some time with. Initially, this proposal did not fit my way of being, but after thinking about it, I finally made up my mind.
I contacted David Sanz, because of the professionalism, seriousness and discretion he put across on his website. It was a great success. The first meeting was great: conversation, massage,... A moment in your life when you have the feeling that time stops.
I have been with him again. The seriousness and discretion make David Sanz, a very interesting person, a friend.
With these lines I want to encourage other women to take the step. you won't regret it.



We are a young couple who wanted to seek a new experience. It was the first time we decided to try something new, and we contacted David Sanz to help us with our sexual fantasy. We do not regret having tried it, we were very comfortable with him, we were afraid of not being comfortable, but the truth is that it was great.
David Sanz is very professional, we enjoyed him a lot.
For all couples (or without) we recommend David Sanz 100%...
For sure, we will repeat it!

Parella jove


We are a young couple and we decided to hire David Sanz. It was our first time and the truth is that it was a very positive experience. David Sanz makes you feel comfortable, he is a very delicate guy.
We had a great time, we will repeat for sure.

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