I UNDRESS in front of YOU

My name is  David Sanz, we will have unforgettable experiences and moments that will make you feel alive, vibrate with  every pore  of your skin, and taste every second, as if it was the last, in and endless swing of sensations.

Born in Barcelona 40 years ago. I am brown eyed and short brown hair, I am 1’78 m tall and weight 74 Kg with an athletic build, I have a very short beard a shaved body, no tattoos or piercings, Caucasian.

My greatest wish is to be able to make you feel complete, for this it is essential that we stablish a relationship based on trust, everything remains between us, in order to satisfy all your wishes and fantasies. 

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Successful, international businesswomen, who never felt fulfilled of the "perfect" life. I was feeling desperate and searching everywhere for a new experience that would arouse me and wake up senses long-lost. True his website I noticed subtle details and signs that just fell right.
We felt an inevitable attraction, circumstances made it complicated to meet but true our conversations I knew I had to meet him. And once I did I realized immediately that this was something I need to repeat and implicate in my life. When you feel a touch that makes all your senses explode, a sensation you didn't think was possible. Well then it's impossible not to go back to David Sanz.
I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Fantasies and wishes I didn't even know I had came true through my experience. I hope that every woman at some point in her life will experience the same pleasure, the pleasure I thought I would never feel, but I got trough David sanz.