Hi, I’m David Sanz, your guide in a world full of unforgettable experiences and moments! 

If you ask me about myself, I will tell you that I was lucky to be born 40 years ago in the fascinating city of Barcelona. My eyes are similar to the color of coffee, and my hair is brown. My height is 1.78 m and my weight is 74 kg, my complexion is athletic. I have a short beard and my body hair is shaved, no piercings or tattoos, I am Caucasian. 

I define myself as an open-minded, empathetic and hedonistic man, always ready to immerse myself in new adventures and venture into unknown territories. My unwavering passion to explore the world has taken me to amazing places, and now, I look forward to sharing those memorable moments with you. 

From exquisite dinners in renowned restaurants, to enjoying a glass of wine watching the sunset, every moment by my side will be full of charm and happiness. My integrity and respectful attitude create an environment where you will feel heard and appreciated.

In addition to my love of traveling, I also deeply value authentic connections through deep conversations. I believe that the core of a relationship lies in our ability to share dreams, laughs, and special moments together. 

Sensuality fascinates me and I integrate it into every facet of my life. By my side, you will be able to explore the deepest intimacy, where each experience will be an awakening of the senses and a delight for the soul.



Welcome to our media interviews 


In this section, I offer you a compilation of my appearances in various media, where I have had the privilege of sharing my story, knowledge and experiences with audiences around the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in these meaningful and enriching conversations. 

I have had the opportunity to connect with influential journalists and communicators, and these interviews have allowed me to delve into the most relevant aspects of my lifestyle, my mission and vision as a professional, and the challenges I face in my path. 

I want to express my gratitude to the journalists, producers and media teams with whom I have worked. Their dedication and professionalism have been fundamental in making these interviews possible and successful. 

Here you will find links and excerpts from our most outstanding interviews. I invite you to enjoy each of them and learn more about me. 

If you are a representative of the media interested in interviewing me or collaborating with me, do not hesitate to contact me. I am excited to continue sharing my lifestyle with the world. 

Thank you for visiting my media interviews section. Hope you enjoy!


Successful, international businesswomen, who never felt fulfilled of the "perfect" life. I was feeling desperate and searching everywhere for a new experience that would arouse me and wake up senses long-lost. True his website I noticed subtle details and signs that just fell right.
We felt an inevitable attraction, circumstances made it complicated to meet but true our conversations I knew I had to meet him. And once I did I realized immediately that this was something I need to repeat and implicate in my life. When you feel a touch that makes all your senses explode, a sensation you didn't think was possible. Well then it's impossible not to go back to David Sanz.
I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Fantasies and wishes I didn't even know I had came true through my experience. I hope that every woman at some point in her life will experience the same pleasure, the pleasure I thought I would never feel, but I got trough David sanz.

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